FLOW is an event that convenes creative people - designers, artists, hackers, writers, musicians, film-makers, photographers, bloggers, programmers -  to work for one day on a personal project. A web-comic, personal portfolio, the mix of an album, a startup, an app, are the kind of projects that a team of multisdisciplinary people developed individually and collectively at the FLOW.

There have been 5 editions, that have gathered more than 200 creators from various disciplines. We've worked with universities and public institutions like ITESM, LCI, CONARTE, El Cowork.

The Web-Site


The blog

Through the course of the day at every FLOW, we set a blog that served as a real-time feed. Everytime a maker arrived at the registration booth, his face, interest and project name was posted at the blog so that every attendant could see who else is at the venue and what are they working on, expanding the network and possibilities of collaboration.

We also set a bot that everytime a maker send an e-mail with FLOW at the subject, the image was posted at the blog. We stablished a plotting time: at the middle of the day and at the end, everyone send their work to the email and it was automatically posted. All the makers were incentivized by sharing their work and watching everybody else's work.






To see some of the projects created at FLOW, visit the blog.



Alberto Sáenz & Rodrigo Tello

  • Naming
  • Copywriting
  • Branding & Graphic Design
  • Organization

Rodrigo Tello

  • Front-end Development