Hello Future, Hello Blog!

The new venture

Welcome to this new venture, my new personal blog called "Hello, Future". Since I'm launching my new website, with new portfolio and new projects, I considered this the right time to launch a proper blog.

There's one main topic that I want to cover here:

"The History of Interfaces"

The best way to understand where technology is going is understanding the past. I'm gonna try to dissect it's origin.  I believe there's a lot of lessons locked inside the past of outdated technologies, like paper, oil paint, the pencil, nickelodeons and maps.

Since I'm a designer, I'll cover not just the way technology emerged but how we used to interact with it, how we do it today and how that is changing our world.

Other topics

There some other topics that I would like to cover as well:


Since I don't consider myself a very organized person, I'm trying to push myself with all the methods I can. I'm a big fan of trying new methods, to-do apps, methodologies, hacks, tricks and every mental or physical tool that can help me be more productive.

I'll be trying to write about all the methods I find, evaluate them and learn from it.


I really don't know exactly what does "media" means, but I'm really interested. Media is a canvas, is a surface. Is "the way between" two things. I'll be exploring and trying to understand the way social media, traditional media and art media works today.



Wrapping Up

Finally the objective of this blog is to become more productive, learn, share information that I think is valuable, and understand a little bit more about the future of interfaces, design, technology, and how we make and communicate.

Thanks for reading.

I'm Rodrigo Tello, a designer and coder from Mexico. I'm also an illustrator, artist, ocassional writer, architect and startup founder.

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