Manuable is a online marketplace to sell and buy hand-made productos directly from designers, artisians and artists. I'm the founder.

From late 2014 to 2015, the site was redesigned in order to let Users turn into Premium Users that can sell items on their own.

Manuable Premium User Profile Proposal

Manuable Premium User Profile Proposal

The project consisted of designing a Profile for the Premium User. The profile should aloud to index not just the products but the information of the user. Since most of the producers are steel selling their products in a freelance decentralized way, they needed to share information about the stores and selling-points were you can find their products.

The solution was to incorporate not just their personal information in a Footer Banner, but also the Stores where you can find them. Another particularity of the market was the common practice of attending pop-up temporary markets

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  • Co-founder

  • Head of Product [4 people team]

  • Ruby on Rails developer

  • E-Commerce implementation

  • UX/UI Designer

  • Illustration

  • Copywriting

  • Business strategy