[meta.00] What is Playground?

Welcome to Playground.

Playground is a syllabus, by and for me [Rodrigo Tello], to help me learn more about technology and it's intersecting areas with arts and humanities. It's a list of topics, it's a methodology that defines itself, it's an informal one-person school, it's an an attempt to organize noise, it's me forcing me to learn. It's the time and space [digital and physical] where I let my self to explore.

Playground goes from the abstract to the concrete. From specific softwares, programming languages, frameworks to generic experiments like "hardware hacking", or even "self sustainable cities".

Playground is project oriented. Nevertheless, if a project starts without any particular goal in mind other than "learn X", then it's ok if I start it by just gathering information and come up with a specific project to confirm my knowledge. 

Playground is also a way to capitalize from all my weekly readings. Since it's quite easy to be lost in the noise, I'll be collecting texts, articles and other kinds of media, and extracting notes from them.

Playground is not a blog, even tough it's the chosen documentation format. It's the log of my journey through knowledge. It's writing format will oscillate between academic and anecdotical. From third to first person.

Thanks for reading.