[syllabus.02] Tracing a calendar

From my last post, I extracted these:


  • I can choose 12 topics/projects and execute 1 per month.
  • I can choose 52 exercises and try to execute one per week, more on a sprint mode.
  • I can choose 4 topics and spend 3 months on each one.
  • The last option is to choose 3 topics and spend 4 months on each one.


  • P5.JS
  • Two.JS
  • Swift
  • Pure Data
  • After Effects
  • Origami
  • Unity
  • Data mining [see Python]
  • Python [see Data mining]
  • Blender
  • Hardware hacking (learn to use the Raspberry Pi, Arduino or any other HH board)
  • Urban farming
  • RoR / [build an] APIs
  • Openframe
  • Cellphone
  • Raspberry Pi / [how to set up a] server
  • Art / installation [see RPi]

Notes & after thoughts:

  • The categorization between topics and projects doesn't help that much.
  • Choosing 3 topics to spend 4 months on each topic sounds like the least exciting discipline.
  • Learning one thing per week is not going to make me an expert on any thing. Nevertheless, I don't want to be an expert, but yet, I want to accomplish some things.
  • Even though the constraint of "time" is not the best metric to accomplish depth on a topic or discipline, it does help to boost the energy into accomplishing something.

If I distribute the topics through out a year for every month, it would just encompass the next projects:

  1. February: P5.JS
  2. March: Swift
  3. April: Origami
  4. May: AfterEffects
  5. June: Unity
  6. July: RoR / build an API
  7. August: Cellphone / Arduino / Hardware hacking
  8. September: Openframe / Raspberry Pi
  9. October: Urban farming
  10. November: Python / Data mining
  11. December: Pure data

If I just pick 4 topics for the year, it would probably look like this:

  1. Q1: Programming: P5JS, Python / Data mining
  2. Q2: After Effects, Origami, design prototyping
  3. Q3: Urban Farming
  4. Q5: Hardware hacking, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Cellphone, Openframe

Some problems with all these topics is that I actually don't have that much time through out the year to learn so many things. So the dilema is: should I learn a little bit of a lot of things or should I try to learn less (let's say, just one thing, but better) through the year? One problem with trying to learn just one thing is that, invariably, I'm going to find a lot of obstacles on any selected topic and it's quite probable that it's not gonna have to be with me, but with some external factor (the chosen language can't run on my computer, the latest update broke my project, it's not good timing to practice urban farming).